10 Promotional Products for Traveling Professionals

  • Jul 10, 2018

The difference between looking forward to an upcoming business trip and dreading the mere thought of it is in the details. Some details are as drastic as enjoying your flight from a first-class seat, while sipping on your second glass of rosé, versus sitting in the back of the plane, trying to doze off to a symphony of the rear engine blasting at full speed. Okay, that was a rather extreme comparison. Nevertheless, you have to admit that having a soft pillow, your lucky blanket and some noise-canceling headphones can usually do the trick in taking your experience from abominable to somewhat pleasant.


Unfortunate travel arrangements can also befall you when your roaming the air for business, though most issues can be avoided with some good old planning. That’s where you come in the picture. You, the bearer of good news and lender of helping hands to your on-the-go clients, who never knew that you could pamper their journey AND market your business at the same time.







Wireless Earbuds


What could be better than having a pair of earbuds on a noisy flight? You guessed it, having wireless earbuds, branded with your logo! 







USB Bracelet


 Smack down the competition with this unique two-for-one promotional product! This USB slap bracelet incorporates style with function.





Luggage Tags


 Who doesn’t like a win-win? Make your customer’s suitcase and your logo stand out with these colorful luggage tag options.



Travel Wallet


 Organization is a must for traveling. Help your customers stay on top of their documents with this stylish, leather wallet.




Power Bank


 This backup battery will keep your customers' phones charged up, while they catch up on some extra work when waiting for their flight.



Mini Umbrella


 Some trips aren’t complete without a light drizzle or a full-on rainstorm. Keep your customer's clothes dry and their spirits high with this mini umbrella.





Travel Pillow and Blanket Set


 Relaxation is a rare luxury when traveling by plane. Help your customers bridge the gap between comfort and travel with this handy 3 piece travel set.







Bluetooth Item Finder


 When your customers is on the go, the last thing they need is to lose their hotel keys or wallet. This handy tracker has a Bluetooth finder, perfect for iOS and Android.





Wireless Foldable Keyboard


 In a fast-moving world, there is always something to work on, even on a plane. Give your customers the liberty to catch up on their busy schedules whenever, wherever.






Wireless Mouse


The perfect pairing to a foldable keyboard is a wireless mouse.Bring a laptop computer into the game and you’re one step away from a portable office.